Let's get social

Halloween Party

Join us for our annual Halloween Party. This year the party will be held in [place] on Friday, October 27th at 5:00 pm. Please come prepared for food, fun, and fellowship! You can receive points for attending and extra points for wearing a costume.

Ice Skating

Join us for Ice Skating in Maggie Daley Park on November 17th just before the tree lighting ceremony. 

Member Monday's

Our PR Chair, Ronahy Alzagha, is starting a program in which one member will be featured per week in a member spotlight. Showcase your accomplishments or current academic work. You may earn up to 15 points by participating.

Physician Friday's

Our PR Chair is also starting a series about physicians and their experiences. Look for a vignette published each Friday on social media and our blog. 

Membership Dues

The membership dues for the semester or year are due one week after the second GBM. You can pay via cash or online payment (Venmo, QuickPay, Zelle). If you would like to pay your dues electronically, please send the payment of $10 for this semester or $20 for the entire academic year to the Treasurer Austin Nguyen at austinnguyen885@gmail.com.

Please note that failure to pay dues before the deadline will result in probation. While on probation, you may not have access to the same events or opportunities as non-probationary members.

Give back

SPARK Mission (10/28)

Come help make lunches for the homeless and then distribute them in the city. Also thanks to ThaakatUIC we will also hand out Hygiene Kits as well. If you are interested, please email volunteer chair before Friday 10/27.

Santa Hustle (12/2)

Come volunteer for the race and receive your very own elf shirt and hat. Email the volunteer chair for more information.


Midterms :(

Ok, the second round of midterms is approaching. If you need a little bit of help or concept review, Honors College Tutoring is for you. Please visit https://www.honors.uic.edu/tutoring/ for more information.

Honors College Tutoring is free and available to ALL UIC Students.

GBM 1 Survey Analysis

Check below for the link to the document summarizing the responses for the survey regarding the quality and content of GBM 1. Thank you to all who participated; your feedback is valuable to the quality of content and services our organization provides. 

GBM 2 Survey

Please complete in the GBM 2 survey. Again, we are trying to improve the quality of our organization; your feedback is invaluable to our success. The survey will become available on Tuesday, October 24th at 6:00 pm. The survey will close on Sunday, October 29th at 10:00 pm.