Hello Future Physicians! 

Please mark your calendars because our next GBM dates are quickly approaching! 

  • Second GBM Monday October 21st and Tuesday October 22nd 5pm-6pm Location D5 

  • Final GBM November 18th and 19th 5pm-6pm Location TBD

The Chicago Marathon:

Sunday, October 13th 

75 Points to Volunteer

100 Point No Show Penalty 

Thank you to everyone who signed up! We collaborated with Delta Epsilon Mu which is a Pre-Health fraternity on campus, and we reached 100 total volunteers! If you plan on taking public transportation plan to meet outside of Student Center East at 3am. Donuts from Dunkin' Donuts will be provided if you meet at 3am outside SCE! More details will be sent out through the Groupme! If something came up, and you’re unable to make the event you must email TLung2@uic.edu to avoid the no show penalty.

If you signed up to volunteer the Chicago Marathon you are required to join the groupme below! 

You're invited to my new group 'Chicago Marathon Volunteers' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/54620380/yqqhB8TA

Order SFP Apparel:

10 Points Per item Purchased

Order the freshest Pre-Medical apparel at UIC! If you fill out this form, it is a commitment to purchase the apparel. Please Venmo @hrishispieces or Quickpay hbhath2@uic.edu with your UIC email in the description. The link to purchase apparel is: 


SFP Point Tracker:

We want you to be aware of the GBMs and events you have attended and the point totals you have received. Please use the link below to get access to the UIC SFP Point Tracker for Fall 2019! Please give us some time to update all of the points, but if you have any questions or discrepancies, please feel free to email us. Also make sure to get your DUES in to remove that nasty Red X on the tracker :)


Cancer Awareness Ribbon Tying:

10 points to volunteer

Join us after the second GBMs to tie ribbons around trees at UIC for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This event will take place of the card making for the month. It should take no longer than 30 minutes after the GBM.

Shadowing through SFP:

We have just selected the Clinical experience committee which means there will be shadowing opportunities available soon! If you plan on shadowing anytime in an operating room, you must have a hospital badge and updated immunizations!  Both of these can be easily obtained by being a volunteer at UI Health. 15 points will be awarded if you attend the new volunteer orientation at UI Health this semester!  Email TLung2@uic.edu with proof of this!  If you are not a volunteer you can apply here: https://hospital.uillinois.edu/patients-and-visitors/international-medicine-unpub/volunteer-services

Pre Medical Update:

50 Points to present

75 Point No Show Penalty 

This is an opportunity to present on research, volunteering, shadowing or anything else medical related to all active members. You can focus on one item or it can be a compilation of everything you are involved in. This should be medical related, and take no more than 5 minutes. You must prepare a google slides presentation after you are selected. If selected you will receive an email from TLung2@Uic.edu by Saturday October 18th. Apply here: https://forms.gle/4NTqNw3MNhrPJZfS9

SFP Committees
Thank you so much to everyone who applied to be on a committee! The finalized list for committee members is attached to this email as a PDF document and below . The volunteer committee and social committee will be officially announced on our website! If you were not selected for a committee, attend events to get your name out there. You may have better luck when spots open up in committees next semester!

The Society of Future Physicians Committees

Clinical Experience Committee: Thank you to everyone who applied! There were over 90 applications submitted, which made it extremely difficult to select committee members. After much deliberation, here is the Clinical Experience Committee! Congratulations to those who were selected:)

Lamisha Tabriz Aseal Liqa Michael Waleski Fatima Akili Yashoda Narayanan

Amit Somalwar Hannah Raj Rayna Naser Naima Muckom Jill Patel

Rose Bahari Ashu Duggal Tamara Perez Viri Godinez Ambur Hawkins

Nandini Sarup Sicong Pei Jessica Laczny Asad Pervez Rushika Amin

**Committee Members: check for an email from me (npate349@uic.edu) about info for our first committee meeting, reply asap!**

Physician Lecture Committee: Thank you to everyone who applied! There were MANY applications submitted this semester, which made it very difficult to select committee members. That being said, here is the Physician Lecture Committee for this year :)

Ruth Cherian David Wu Fatema Nomani Alivya Dantuluri Pritika Sharma Deepa Dhillon Krinal Gandhi Richies Tiv Amey Maley

Julind Agalliu Neil Saini Asad Pervez Ambur Hawkins Loren Escot Ashwin John

Community Outreach Committee:

Hannah Blesson Sameer Mohiuddin Asad Pervez Kaylee Romero

Pierina Rebeca Gonzalez Paredes

Priyanka Kaushal Harini Marchadi Jorge Mendez