Hello Future Physicians!

We are currently in the process of creating out master point sheet, and we will share that with you once it is complete.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming general board meetings!

  • Second GBM October 21st and 22nd 5pm-6pm Location TBD

  • Final GBM Novemeber 18th and 19th 5pm-6pm Location TBD

Clinical Experience Updates!

We have received 50 applications for the clinical experience committee! We’re in the process of creating our clinical experience committee, and once this is done we will work on finding shadowing opportunities as soon as we can! Look out for applications to shadow in future weekly emails!


Thank you to everyone who submitted a t-shirt idea for the SFP 2019-2020 year. Based on those who voted, the following two designs won! We will be sending out an order form once we are able to determine prices for the apparel! Pictures are on the right hand side

Community Outreach Committee Application

The Community Outreach Committee is dedicated to addressing a health disparity or issue that is relevant to the Chicago land area. As future physicians, it is important for us to look after our communities and to be aware of the health issues impacting people in our communities. The committee will aim to do this by fundraising money for a health oriented  non-profit organization in Chicago this semester. We will also work to identify other ways we can make an impact this year. Join the committee if you are interested in being a part of this effort to make a difference in our community. Follow the link below to apply.

Application Link: https://forms.gle/eis1Qoe3K2E1J5CQ7 

Apply to join SFP’s Physician Lecture committee: 


If you want to help organize lectures with physicians, researchers, medical students, and professionals in the medical field, join this committee! 

Any questions? Email Samhitha Rai (srai5@uic.edu


If accepted, being an active member of this committee will count as 50 points per semester. 

Thank you Volunteers!

This is a big thank you to everyone who volunteered with us after the first two GBM’s to make cards for patients at UI Health, and to those who helped distribute the cards! The patients love them and extend their gratitude. Some patients said they would hang these cards in their homes, and most said that this small act made their day! These words of encouragement is essential, and they were motivated by your thoughtfulness. Be sure to stay tuned for more card making after GBM’s this semester