President: Gelique Ayala


I am very excited to serve my third year on E-board as President. I am a senior neuroscience major, and I currently work in a cognitive aging lab and for UIC EMS. I am also a long distance runner and an ice cream connoisseur! If you have questions about SFP or any opportunities at UIC/Chicago that lead me to medicine, please feel free to email me at

Vice President: Arthi Krishna


Hey Guys! I'm a senior double majoring in Neuroscience and History. I've been a part of SFP for the past three years, having worked with several committees and serving as the Volunteer Chair. As your Vice President I'm excited to bring you a wide range of medical opportunities to bring the SFP community together and to explore all that Chicago has to offer! My goal for this academic year is to use member input to better create a organization and constitution that is best fit for you! SFP has had a profound influence on my undergraduate experience, and I'm glad to have you be apart of it! Contact me at


Treasurer:  Austin Nguyen

Hey everyone! I am a sophomore, from Algonquin, Illinois, currently majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. As the current Treasurer, I am excited to take on a position of leadership and help create a fun and enjoyable environment for the year! I look forward to planning successful fundraisers and getting to know all of you. My goal for the year is to keep a close eye on the clubs finances to ensure funds are allocated properly for all of SFP's stellar events!! Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions, suggestions, complaints about life or honestly whatever you want at Let's have an outstanding year!


Secretary: Kailash Panchapakesan

I am a second year biology student at UIC. Some of my extracurricular interests include playing for UIC’s men’s tennis team as well as teaching CPS high school students a health education curriculum through Peer Health Exchange. 

As secretary of SFP, I hope to make the process of taking attendance as smooth as possible for all of you and create more time to focus on why we are at meetings – get involved at UIC by helping the community and work towards our mutual goal of becoming physicians! This club offers a lot of opportunities and exposure I am eager for all of you to experience! If you have questions, definitely reach out to me at!

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PR Chair: Ronahy Alzagha


Hello SFP members! I am your Public Relations Chair. I am a second year student majoring in Integrated Health Studies with an Economics minors. I have a passion for helping ensure the wellness of others. This is my third semester with SFP. During my time in SFP, I have served as a member of the Physician Lecture Committee and the Social Outreach Program. When I joined SFP my first semester at UIC, I knew that I would be a part of a unique community with like-minded individuals aiming to make a difference in the field of medicine. This year I would like to dedicate my time to highlight the accomplishments and commitment of SFP members as they embark on their journeys of becoming influential healthcare professionals. Feel free to contact me at and let me know of any amazing projects that you are involved in or anything you would like me to share to all our members through the SFP social media accounts. I look forward to representing all of you and your achievements to the rest of the world.


Volunteer Chair: Nick Koto

Hey Guys! I'm a Junior majoring in Biological Sciences and Psychology with a minor in Bioengineering. This is going to be my third year being in SFP and I'm excited to be your Volunteer Chair this year. This year I want to be able to plan volunteering events that are both fun and interesting to all members of SFP. If you have any fun ideas that you would like to see as a volunteering event, email me at


Mentor Chair: Trishla Shah

Hello future physicians! My name is Trishla Shah, and I am excited to serve as your Mentor/Mentee Chair! I am a junior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Sociology and Mathematics. I am also a research assistant in the Department of Biology working with Naked Mole Rats. My goal this semester is to make sure new and continuing members are able to benefit from each other through my pairing program. I will match you up based on various points of connection and check up on you frequently! Overall, I want this experience to benefit everyone. Feel free to reach me with any questions or concerns at


Physician Lecture Chair: Mark Perkowski

Hello freinds! I am a biochemistry major who loves science. I am currently doing research in molecular biology with plants at UIC. Last year, I was a member of the Physician Lecture committee, and I liked it so much I decided to become the chair this year. Outside of your classes, our lectures are a great way to learn about medical school and the careers we aspire to follow, and I will make sure that they are tailored to do just that. From admissions, to research, to life as a physician, you will have the opportunity to hear from experienced people in these areas. We will have multiple lectures throughout the semester, so you'll definitely find one that interests you! You are always welcome to contact me with any ideas at, and I would also appreciate your help if you could sign up to be on the Physician Lecture Committee with me. Thank you!


Social Chair: Kevin Kappenman


Hello everyone, I am a senior biochemistry major at UIC.  I have been a member of SFP and the social committee for two years.  As chair of the social committee I look forward to providing everyone with various events to get to know one another.  I hope to see SFP become a  close-knit network, that we can all rely on in our professional careers!

Sol Savchuk_Website headshot.JPG

Clinical Experience Chair: Sol Savchuk

I am an international student from Eastern Europe, majoring in neuroscience. This year I will be heading our clinical experience committee. My academic interests span from cognitive psychology research in bilingualism to molecular biology research on glioblastoma multiforme. I am also involved in various volunteer projects with MBIC, HDSA and Northwestern Medicine. Despite of that, my clinical experiences is what has given me the highest confidence in my desire and capabilities of becoming a physician. That is why I understand how essential it is to at least get a grasp of clinical medicine before committing to a life-long dedication that it requires. If you don’t have physicians in your family who you can shadow, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This year I plan to expand the connections of SFP with the hospitals and individual physicians to provide shadowing opportunities in different departments and specialties, and also work out a system that will ensure these connections will continue thriving even when all of us graduate. If that sounds interesting, join my committee and we’ll discuss how!


Community Outreach Chair: Masooma Haider

Hey peeps! I'm a second-year pre-med student working on majoring in both Political Science and Biology. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, Star Trek, and lots of good Chicago food. I am so excited to be your Community Outreach Program (COP) chair for this year! As chair, I am to continue work on the app that COP developed last year, focused on improving the health and care of the homeless in Chicago by providing the locations of various services available to them throughout the city, as well as information about them. I also look forward to working with many of YOU to come up with new ideas and our new community-centered health project this coming year! Through this program, we hope to collectively increase the overall wellbeing of those in our society by focusing on the areas that we discover need the most help.



Cole Cunningham

Hey everyone! I am a second year student at UIC studying Computer Science with a minor in Italian. I will be serving as your webmaster for the 2017/18 school year. This is my second year in the organization and my first year on the executive board. My interests include: public health, open-source software, data analytics, and cultures. If you notice anything amiss on the website, please contact me at I look forward to a great year!