Committees are essential for every organization. They provide a way for members to engage with their organization all while making connections with their fellow members. Our committees are designed to foster fellowship within the membership body and provide enriching experiences for the entire organization.


Clinical Experience

This committee is responsible for finding shadowing opportunities for members and general clinical experience. Such experiences an opportunities will be available for application and are highly contested opportunities. While doing so, 

As a member of the committee, you will be closely communicating with physicians, department heads, research coordinators, and administrative assistants, so you can turn your work in the committee into a networking opportunity. We will be focusing in systemizing our approach to different departments and hospitals, and ensuring that we establish long-lasting relationships with physicians, that will benefit us as well as the future generations of SFP students.

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Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program (COP) focuses on addressing current health issues or concerns that affect local and global communities. We do this by identifying a key area of need in one of our communities, and then developing a year-long project geared towards alleviating the concern through education, service, or the like, thereby increasing the wellness of our communities.

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Physician Lecture

The Physician Lecture Committee will help plan physician lectures throughout the semester for fellow SFP members and the Honors College. The committee serves as the liaison between the Physicians and the Society of Future Physicians. Committee members will have the opportunity to contact and make connections with physicians and department heads in the hospital and at the college of medicine. In addition, members will develop great leadership, organization, and communication skills by contacting professionals and planning lectures.

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The social committee is responsible for organizing and hosting several social events throughout the semester. SFP believes that fellowship amongst its members is beneficial to the organization as a whole and supports organizational team building.

As a member of the social committee, you will be able to help run SFP social events throughout the year. In the past these events have ranged from holiday parties, ice skating, and even trips to museums. If interested please complete the following form

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The Volunteering committee is responsible for finding volunteer events in the Chicagoland area. Volunteering provides an effective way of making a positive presence in the Chicago area. It is also important for our members to be active members of their communities by making a impact.

If you would like to help organize volunteer events for the membership body, please apply.

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Academic Programming

Academic Programming Committee organizes study groups for Physics and Organic Chemistry. We help students become a strong applicant for med school, explore different majors and med schools, and prepare for the MCAT. We need students who can take on leadership positions to lead study groups and tutor students. This committee is new so we are open to all ideas!